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Learn life skills principles that reach deep into the heart, mind, and soul in discovering every person has a leader in them waiting to be set free.
You were created to be successful and live a victorious life.

Learn the secrets of tapping into your genius. Your wealth and riches are locked up within you.

Learn to see yourself through the lens of God's perspective and how to overcome and break through the trials, challenges, conditions, and adversities of life that have kept you from achieving your dreams.

Spreading the love of God to those who are in despair, broken, and hopeless gives our students a second chance in life.

My mission is to help you get from where you are now in life to a place of peace, joy, happiness, prosperity, and purpose.

If you are looking to discover your true value, self-worth, and potential,


Our Life Skills training is the bridge that leads to having a trusting relationship with God and a better understanding of what it means to be saved by His Grace.

When men and women discover the love of God they begin to see themselves in a positive light.

This is reflective in boosting their self-image and confidence in which they are able to carry out and demonstrate the vital roles they play in the family and the community.

We teach parenting and basic life skills to

women who have been victims of teenage pregnancy and those who are experiencing economic hard times from being locked out of the traditional systems of life.

We aim to transform the lives of those who have been shattered by violence, tragedy, emotional and psychological abuse, and pain and suffering.

Our faith-based programs place one on the right path, the truth, the light, and the way of finding the door to God's love and compassion.

The word of God is our foundation and moral compass to transform the lives of others.

Issues of life Inspirational Post are sent to thousands around the world.

Issues of Life, are stories and insights inspired by God that give hope and comfort to men and women all over the world by strengthening their faith and drawing them into a deeper relationship with God.

We transform the lives of men behind bars by teaching them their true identity and steps to Manhood through the word of God and Kingdom Principles and put them on the road to having a rewarding life.

We help men and women who are recently released from incarceration to transition back into society and their families by providing the basic necessities for a smooth adjustment and overall positive experience.

We assist with: Housing Assistance, Job Training, Resume Writing, Financial Literacy, Reading Literacy, Family Counseling, and Urban Support through our Community Network.